Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cassandra Jackson's Bio

Cassandra has over 22 years of experience in human resources and management.  Her practical experience includes knowledge and expertise in training and organizational development, employment (staffing), employee and labor relations, and human resource informational system (HRMS) consulting. 

Cassandra’s experience also includes needs assessment and analysis, performance management, process improvement and leadership development.  She has been successful in working with various levels of management in strategically planning and implementing departmental and organizational goals and objectives.

Cassandra also has extensive experience teaching adults in higher education. As a past  adjunct instructor at Baker College, and current instructor at the University of Phoenix she’s taught human resources and management courses.    

Cassandra’s community experience includes serving as the Christian education director at New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, as well as the administrative assistant to the regional and state Christian Education Director of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship.  In these capacities, she developed curricula, taught classes, and facilitated training workshops and seminars to enrich and edify the body of Christ. 

Cassandra’s educational background includes a Master of Science Degree in Management from Walsh College and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Western Michigan University.  She frequently attends conferences, seminars and workshops in Christian Education and Human Resources to keep abreast of current trends and latest developments.

Professional affiliations include: International Public Management Association (IPMA), Business Network International (BNI), and the Human Resources Association of Greater Detroit (HRAGD).  She frequently volunteers her services advising, counseling and serving others in personal and professional areas of expertise. 

Cassandra’s personal desire is to educate, equip and empower others through effective teaching and training.  Her personal mission statement is, “To make a positive and spiritual difference in the lives of others.”

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summary of Writer's Workshop @ DWO - First Session

Dear Sister Dickson:

The first session of the writer's workshop gave me an overview of key writing concepts: brainstorming, purpose, procrastination zone, GPA, 5 W's, and writing tools.  In addition, the overall objective was stated for participants - to increase written communication skills.  Therefore, by the end of the workshop, I expect to increase my written communication skills as I explore key concepts for effective writing.

Because an overview and foundation of the workshop was provided, I look forward to the next several weeks of learning and activities to enhance my writing skills.  By the end of the six-week session, my goal is to coauthor with my business partner booklets and written material for our business: Friends of Fathers, LLC.

Sister, Dickson, thank you for sharing your writing knowledge and expertise by facilitating this workshop!


Cassandra Jackson